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Schmitt Technical Education Clinics
PES Facilities

Our office in Northern NJ includes two rooms that are used for S-TEC seminars- a state-of-the-art conference room as well as a training room which accommodates up to 20 people. Each room is powered by our manufacturers' top products. Additional equipment is always available to demo upon request.

PES Conference Room:

  • Shure MXA Microphone 

  • Shure MX Wired

  • QSC QSYS TSC7, Core110f, PTZ US, NV32-H, SPA2-60

  • QSC Acoustic Design Series

  • Furman M-8x2


S-TEC Training Facility:

  • State of the art DLP Projector

  • QSC Touchmix30 Pro

  • QSC AD-S6T Speakers

  • QSC GX5

  • Shure Axient Digital Wireless

  • Leviton lighting and controllers

  • Furman Bluebolt

We Offer AVIXA CTS Certification

Training has long been the cornerstone of the comprehensive support we offer our customers at the Peter E. Schmitt Company.  As part of this long-standing commitment we have designed a training program and facility dedicated to supporting all aspects of the learning experience.

The Peter E. Schmitt Company is AVIXA Certified as an approved CTS Renewal Unit provider.  As a result, we have been able to offer our retailers, contractors, integrators and consultants training opportunities which earn them valuable renewal units toward their Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certifications. Renewing your CTS status is as easy as attending one of our S-TEC seminars. 

Working closely with AVIXA, PES has developed a library of CTS accredited classes.  Our CTS certified instructors hold training sessions at our location on a regular basis, however we are also able to provide on-site CTS certified ‘lunch and learns’ as well as specialized training via video conference upon request. Over the years we have conducted many such training sessions for a wide variety of accounts– from e-commerce to brick and mortar independent retailers, as well as national chains – and have received many positive reviews.

Each S-TEC seminar is tailored to the needs of the attendees depending on product focus, manufacturer focus or customer request . Much of our course content is not strictly limited to the specific products we represent, but often includes an in-depth look at more general topics universally applicable within the audio industry.  Our main goal is to bring attendees together in an informal setting to provide valuable hands-on, technical and sales training as well as the opportunity for them to network with fellow audio and video enthusiasts.

CTS Renewal Units Offered by S-TEC

Microphones for Speech and Conferencing – 2.5 CTS Renewal Units
Advanced Wireless – 5 CTS Renewal Units
Advanced Wireless – 2.5 CTS Renewal Units
Distributed Audio 101 – 1.5 CTS Renewal Units
Audio Over Ethernet – 4 CTS Renewal Units
Wireless Spectrum and Antenna Design Workshop – 4 CTS Renewal Units
Antenna Design Workshop – 2 CTS Renewal Units

CONTACT US if you would like information an upcoming S-TEC events.

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