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Pro/Systems Line Card

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As user-friendly, reliable AOIP protocol, Dante revolutionized the way we think about audio data on network infrastructure. Dante Domain Manager (DDM) takes that a step further and provides security, control, and interoperability that is unparalleled in the industry.

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DiGiCo digital mixing consoles are the top choice in digital mixing consoles. Distributed by Group One LTD along with KLANG, XTA, and MC2 to provide world class sound and performance.

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An industry-leading loudspeaker manufacturer with a broad range of products to suit any application. Known for their fidelity and time-tested performance,

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Furman products represent a long-time standard in power conditioning, sequencing, and monitoring. Furman’s remote monitoring and control through BlueBOLT technology, unparalleled filtering, and Extreme Voltage Protection are technologies anyone can benefit from. AC power distribution and energy management solutions.

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The top choice for premium cables, adaptors, and other audio and video accessories including Zaolla Silverline and Mogan Microphones. Hosa Technology also distributes product from Goby Labs, Neutrik AG, and CAIG Laboratories.

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The first-to-market with a high-efficiency, battery-powered moving head light in the industry. With fixtures for the mobile entertainer, DJ, concert tour, and theater; JMAZ has a solution for every application.

König & Meyer, Instrument & Pro Audio stands remain the leader for quality, innovation and durability. A genuinely eco-friendly product with a 5 year warranty.


Sonance purpose-built commercial loudspeakers can be found in thousands of flagship installations throughout the world. Its expertise in architectural audio, combined with in-depth knowledge of international construction methods, standards and codes, puts Sonance at the forefront in the field of commercial sound.

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Shure is the most trusted audio brand worldwide - with a history of audio innovation spanning over 80 years, Shure is a world-renowned manufacturer of microphones, quality wireless systems, premium listening gear, and other audio products.

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The industry leader in musical instrument equipment cases and rack systems - the highest quality transport protection available anywhere.  All SKB brand hard cases are backed by a unconditional lifetime warranty.

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Providing High performance solutions as the exclusive distributors for RME, Alva, Ferrofish, Digigram, Appsys, and MyMix. Synthax products connect the world of Theatre, Broadcast, Live sound, and remote sound applications across the globe.

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Williams AV provides assistive listening solutions for all applications, large or small. With products that revolutionize assistive listening, Williams AV can provide WiFi, FM, IR and Loop systems for any project. Williams acts as the sole distributor for Ampetronic products within the US.

Advanced audio/video processors with scaling, multi-image rotation and dual/quad display
processing add to the highly-adaptive, diversified product line

A pro amplifier and audio company providing system integrators and installers with products, tools and technologies that they need to be successful

Manufacturer of direct view LED video displays for such applications as broadcast, higher education, corporate spaces, retail signage, sports venues, corporate events, worship venues, and rental & staging

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