Standard Terms:      3% 30/Net 31,   CIA 3%

CC Terms:      1%                

Free Freight?    $5000 -  Orders less than $5000 will be charged 3% of the invoice which will be applied to the invoice as a freight charge.  Freight allowance will only be applied to order shipped standard ground via QSC's preferred freight carriers. No other carriers will be allowed.        

Minimum Order:            

Drop Ship?    To commercial addresses only                  

Cut off time for rush orders:    Costa Mesa 6pm EST;  Memphis 5pm EST   

Ship from Location:   Costa Mesa and Memphis

West Coast Distribution Center (will Call as well)
555 S Promenade Ave
Corona, CA  92879
Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm  

Minimum Opening Order:        $10,000   

Accommodation Pricing:  16% off invoice price. All orders must have the signed form & must have credit card information.
Sample Pricing:  21% DFI net 90 days  

Submit orders to:  orders@qsc.com          

Sales Manager:   Frank West (Systems) Perry Celia (Pro/Retail)         

Line Manager:  Bryan Ottens (Systems) /Audra Norville (Pro/Retail)

Pricing Programs:
QSC Retail:
Variable DFIs based on the below: 
35k – 149k = 2% Rebate
150k – 250k = 3%DFI, 2% Rebate
250k – 349k = 5%DFI, 2% Rebate
350k – 499k = 7% DFI, 2% Rebate
500k+ = At Sales Director’s discretion -  9% DFI, No Rebate
(based on continual year on year growth)
QSC Systems: Variable DFIs

Preferred Distributors:  Dale & Chesed

Returns:   Require an RMA Number - 15% Restock Charge and an Additional 15% if the product has to be refurbished.

Date of Hire:  8/24/2015

Other Important Contacts:

Applications Dept - 7 14-957-7150.  
Julia Joseph--Handles New Accounts.   

Important links: 

Rep Portal; www.qscrep.com
Username: AudraPES
Password: Metro2104  
OMACRO UN/PW anorville@peschmitt.com  Metro2104                   


QSC runs on a Fiscal Year July1-June 30th. 

New Dealer Sign up: www.bectran.com
security question: What is the name of your pet? Answer: Pip    

Isaac Jacubowicz is the A/P contact person for QSC AUDIO PRODUCTS jakubi@bhphoto.com

as per Perry customer gets demo dfi %10 off their regular dfi .  

There is a 1.5% charge per month on overdue invoices

Some products may be advertised on the Internet-- Refer To MAP POLICY DOCUMENT  

Q: Is it okay to advertise bundles of QSC products with other QSC products?

A: Bundling is permitted provided that the MAP of the combined QSC products included in the

bundle is no less than the sum of these products if purchased individually, unless specified

otherwise in an official, published QSC Price List or other QSC‐ to‐ Dealer communication. This

limitation shall not apply to QSC Accessories.

Q: Is it okay to advertise bundles of QSC products with other brands of products?

A: Yes, QSC Products may be advertised as being sold as part of a bundle of MAP Products as long

as product(s) included in the bundle is at or above the total of the MAP Prices of the MAP

Products included within the bundle. This limitation shall not apply to QSC Accessories.

Q: Can QSC MAP products be advertised as being sold as part of a bundle of products that includes

products without MAP, even if a portion of the bundle is not QSC Products?

A: Yes, but only if any QSC MAP Product(s) in the bundle is not discounted below its MAP Price

and complies with QSC’s MAP Policy. A bundle of QSC MAP Products and products without

MAP (QSC or any other brand) must be advertised at a price discounted by no more than the

average market value of the product without MAP in the bundle. This applies to any brand of

product in the bundle without MAP. This limitation shall not apply to QSC Accessories.


Q: What about a dealer’s use of advertised “coupons” that provide discounts on current QSC purchases?

A: Advertised coupons provided to consumers from the dealer, specifying generic discounts of any type

on purchases violate MAP. Dealers must include QSC in a visible “discount exemption list” to comply

with the QSC MAP Policy.

Reviewing the entire policy is appreciated.

The bStore demo Program is 10% discount on the product & 3%90 /Net91 day terms on credit worthy accounts.   

05/07/15 Per Deborah Escobar, submit all


20% Demo on Qsys - needs Franks approval.

Frank West -home address
7020 Magenta Lane
Austin, Texas 78739  

We don’t sell B stock directly, they have to go https://prodirect.qsc.com/