Peter E. Schmitt Services for rf

The Peter E. Schmitt Company is pleased to announce a new division created to assist our customers with onsite support for RF Coordination and commissioning all of Shure DSP products and QSC DSP products.

The new Peter E. Schmitt Services Division, PESS, is a fully insured onsite support team with professional programmers and RF experts who are CTS certified as well as holding all certifications by the lines we represent.


What we do


  • Pre-plan your RF design to insure “best practices” are employed before installation begins

  • On site RF coordination of 12 or more channels of wireless microphone systems

  • Program all wireless channels on site

  • Provide a complete report on the RF landscape. This includes:

    • A list of usable and prohibited frequencies

    • Coordination of new and previously installed RF channels

    • A complete list of frequencies for each RF channel to be programmed

    • Documentation for your user service manuals

    • Update all hardware to the latest firmware - only when advisable

  • Help in interpreting the results of the RF software in use

  • Real time training for your staff including best practices of wireless configurations including antenna selection and placement, RF cabling and best networking practices.


What we don’t do


  • We do not provide installation services

  • We do not provide equipment or parts other than what is needed to fulfill our contracted services, RF Coordination and planning

  • We do not guarantee or imply that you will be able to implement the required amount of RF frequencies needed

    • This is dependent on the RF environment we are contracted to assess

    • Please note that the RF environment is constantly changing due to conditions outside our powers to address. These may be, but are not limited to:

      • Changes in usable frequencies by the FCC

      • Other entities within a structure or outside a structure that may implement new wireless systems after our initial scans

      • New structures or design changes within the space the wireless is operating in

      • Any design flaws that are not considered “best practices” during the initial installation

  • We do not respond to the end user, only to the contracted entity that has employed us to perform the services requested. This is why we require you to provide at least one service technician to accompany us whenever we are required to be onsite

What we require from you

  • The first step is to fill out our service request form - SERVICE REQUEST FORM

  • After your form has been submitted one of our service technicians will contact you within 24 hrs to begin the process of evaluating your needs.

  • PESS requires that you provide all material subject matter pertaining to the installation. This includes:

    • A list of specified equipment for evaluation to determine if the correct wireless systems are being deployed to meet the required needs

    • All drawings showing room design and fixtures within the room

    • A description or SOW that explains the desired outcome of the project

  • PESS requires a technician from the contracted company who will accompany PESS on site

  • Full onsite access to all spaces directly associated with the services to be performed. Spaces should be made available immediately upon arrival to ensure that work is performed unhindered and completed in a timely fashion

  • All scheduling for offsite and onsite visits will be agreed upon by PESS and the contracted company

  • A contract will be provided by PESS and signed by the contracted company outlining agreed upon services to be performed, all costs involved and estimates of completion dates or service times requested.

Services Fees

  • Fees will be outlined in the contract provided by PESS, All fees are considered estimates until the completion of the project. Fees may change due to delays incurred by contracted company or change orders requested by the end user or other issues not related to PESS

  • RF Coordination fees will be billed at a daily rate of $1,400 unless otherwise agreed upon by a PESS officer and the contracted company