Standard Terms: 3% 30/Net 31

CC Terms: 3%

Fee for prompt pay using cc:  N/A

Commission Rate:  10%, but drops to 9%, 8% or 6% depending on DFI

Free Freight?  Over $300.  Weighted Mic Stands, Stage Boxes, and bulk cable spools not included.

Minimum Opening Order: $300

Minimum Order: N/A

Drop Ship?  Rules?: Yes. $15.00 additional charge for Drop Ship orders under $100.00, no free freight on drop ships; 3% DFI for COD orders   

Cut off time for rush orders: 5:00 PM EST

Ship from Location: Buena Park, CA


Column 1 plus shipping and state taxes is the accommodation rate for employees of all authorized dealers. Address and payment info is required at the time of order. Staff can either call in to Hosa directly or e-mail Dylan at Dylan@hosatech.com. No form is required.

Submit orders to: orders@hosatech.com

Sales Manager: Hoyt Binder

Line Manager: Audra Norville

Pricing Programs: Variable DFIs

Preferred Distributors: Dale Pro Audio, Interstate Electronics

Samples: $1000 annual allowance

Returns: RA# Needed

Annual Dealer Minimum:  N/A

Date of Hire:  



Login URL: https://hosatechnology.sharefile.com/ Username: anorville@peschmitt.com

Password: Metro2104  


Hosa extends 90 day terms on new Ash stores. Territory 70 for Hosa Territory Z70 for Zaolla  


Fax (800) 522-4542 Fax (714) 522-4540  


New Account Setup Requirements  

• Complete, fully executed Credit Application

• Copy of Reseller’s License - If state is tax exempt, Business License

• CCAF Form if applying for credit card terms

• 3 References with fax or email listed, if applying for Open Terms

• Opening order - $300 or more

• Send all documents in one email to Sales Coordinator