Standard Terms:  3% 25 NET 60
CC Terms:   Per order basis with CC auth form                    

Free Freight?    $4000     

Minimum Order:     None      

Drop Ship?     Within our territory 

Ship from Location:  Chester, PA                     

Minimum Opening Order:  None       

Accommodation Pricing:     10% off dealer discount & must pay freight but no Commission

Sample Pricing: 20% off dealer price, 15% 180/net 181 days, and free surface freight.                        

Submit orders to:       

Sales Manager:   Mike Marr  

Line Manager:   Kyle Walker

Pricing Programs:
4% off qty 50+ for Distributed series orders
Preferred Integrator program:
- End column pricing regardless of quantity
- 5% DFI
- Free surface freight at $3000
- 4% 25 net 90 day terms (with credit approval by Community)      

Preferred Distributors: Dale Pro Audio

Returns:  Restock fee 15%

Merchandise may not be returned for credit or exchange without first obtaining a return authorization number from Community, Chester, PA  USA. Call Community at (610) 876-3400. Authorized returns for credit or exchange must be shipped freight prepaid to arrive at Community Professional Loudspeakers, 333 East Fifth Street, Chester, Pennsylvania 19013-4511 USA within 60 days from the date of invoice.  Credit/exchange returns must be shipped in the original factory sealed cartons and are subject to a minimum 15% or higher restocking charge.  Opened and resealed cartons are subject to refusal and/or a “used merchandise” adjustment.

Date of Hire:  5/6/13

Account Number:  PS101

Other Important Links:

Rep Login
Username: commrepc141
Password: butterfly (All lower case)  

Inventory Feeds: 




Our Selling Account # is PS101

Preferred Integrator Program (April 15----December 31, 2013)
End column pricing regardless of quantity
5% DFI
Free Ground Freight at $3000
4%25 Net 90 day terms (with credit approval By Community)  
Invoices not paid by 90 days result in lost commission.  


Limited Warranty All products bought from a US authorized dealer is 5 years.   Wet Series II & R Series is futher warranted for structural integrity for a period of 15 years.   New Community loudspeakers & compession drivers sold individually are warranted for 2 years. Community electronic controllers are warranted for one year. Warranty Service--Contact the factory for the name of the nearest Factory Service Center. You must have;

1. Complete name, daytime phone number, return street address, Return authorization number.

2. A copy of your original Proof of Purchase.

3. Note that the Serial Number of the Product must be unaltered, intact & legible.  If you’re ever unsure – the rep portal has a list of what’s required for new dealers.   Let me know if you don’t have a login for it (   

4. Include description of the problem/how it is being used & with what type/size amplifier  Wet Series II


Credit Terms Policy for non-qualifying customers

(effective March 1, 2017) 

If a customer is denied open credit terms due to poor payment history and/or negative credit information, there are two options: 
1.Customer can prepay for all orders until their credit report information improves.
a.Community will re-check a customer’s credit report every 6 months.
b.A customer may request Community to recheck their report sooner, but they will berequired to pay the cost to re-check.
i.US/Canada - $40 fee
ii.International - $100 fee
2.Customer can purchase CAP+ credit terms
a.CAP+ - is a term used by our credit insurer that enables us to purchase additionalcoverage on credits limits that have been declined.
b.The cost of CAP+ coverage is 6% of the credit limit annually, plus a set-up fee ($65for US/Canada; $125 for international)
     i.See actual cost by limit at the end of this document
c.The coverage must be purchased in 3-month blocks.
     i.Coverage is backdated to the 1st of the month purchased. If CAP+ ispurchased on 3/15, the period of coverage will be 3/1 through 5/31.
d.The minimum coverage amount is $5,000; maximum $20,000; available in $5,000increments.
     i.Requests for coverage exceeding $20,000 will be handled on a case-by-casebasis.
e.The customer must prepay the CAP+ cost before an order is shipped and the amountis non-refundable.
f.The credit terms are Net 60 days.
g.If the customer becomes more than 30 days past due, the CAP+ coverage will becancelled and the customer will be Cash in Advance.
h.Once a customer has paid within terms for two orders, then Community canreinstate the customer’s credit line for 125% of their largest order.
     i.Example: Customer has two orders, while on CAP+. The first order was for$5,000 and was paid on time. The second order was for $6,000 and was paid on time. The customer’s credit line can be reinstated for $7,500 (125% x $6,000). 
i.Rep requirements:
     i.Rep needs to request CAP+ on behalf of a dealer (dealers cannot requestdirectly).
     ii.Rep commissions will not be paid on payments received after 30 days pastdue (as opposed to the usual 90 day policy).
     iii.MDF funds cannot be used to pay for CAP+ fees.
Exception to the Policy: Any customer that is more than 90 days past due is not eligible for open terms for a 12-month period (beginning on the date that the late payment is received). However, the customer can still elect to purchase CAP+ coverage during this period. 
CAP+ options and the associated cost: 
Cost for 3 month period (USD)  
Credit Line        US/Canada         Intl  
5,000                        140                 200  
 10,000                      215                  275  
 15,000                       290                350  
 20,000                       365                425